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“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him” —Aldous Huxley Do you agree with the above quote by Aldous Huxley? Do you think that Aldous Mr. Huxley was confused between experience and creativity?
by: bimbimbimbim
06 Dec 2008 16:20
Memory has direct influences on people's study and work performance. Unfortunately, one can become incredibly forgetful at some time, which leads to unwanted results and there is great concern about the solutions to this problem.
by: bimbimbimbim
27 Nov 2008 18:16
8 by NhungNhung
03 Dec 2008 08:26 Jump!
The Internet has enabled us to communicate and interact with each other in many different virtual worlds. Are these virtual worlds really important to our works and lives? And how much do they affect the way we behave in the real world? Let's come and share your experience.
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
22 Nov 2008 03:16
4 by doannhutungdoannhutung
23 Nov 2008 09:26 Jump!
Parents have a very important role in their children's sex education. Yet, Vietnamese parents are very reluctant to play this role. We'll be discussing the consequences of this reluctance, and how to improve the situation.
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
15 Nov 2008 03:36
5 by bonghoa18canhbonghoa18canh
16 Nov 2008 13:22 Jump!
We'll be discussing one of the most interesting activities in human societies: Wedding Ceremonies.
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
19 Oct 2008 10:15
3 by marucomaruco
02 Nov 2008 16:05 Jump!
Have you ever thought of making a marriage contract between you and your future spouse? Let's try this week.
by: hoa_vantruonghoa_vantruong
31 Oct 2008 06:50
2 by doannhutungdoannhutung
01 Nov 2008 06:48 Jump!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This Sunday, HYEC will have a Halloween party instead of a normal discussion session.
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
24 Oct 2008 18:08
3 by trantrungkienhntrantrungkienhn
27 Oct 2008 10:44 Jump!
We'll discuss some Moral Dilemmas
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
10 Oct 2008 17:16
3 by doannhutungdoannhutung
19 Oct 2008 09:28 Jump!
Let's discover interesting secrets about our names
by: hoa_vantruonghoa_vantruong
03 Oct 2008 09:25
6 by doannhutungdoannhutung
07 Oct 2008 09:59 Jump!
We will discuss about the criteria of beauty for modern Vietnamese women.
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
25 Sep 2008 13:58
5 by Anonymous
26 Sep 2008 13:09 Jump!
We're gonna do some role-playing and let our imagination run wild! :-)
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
20 Sep 2008 21:23
4 by hoa_vantruonghoa_vantruong
21 Sep 2008 07:36 Jump!
Chủ Nhật ngày 14/9, HYEC sẽ không sinh hoạt vào 5:30 pm như thường lệ. Thay vào đó, cả nhà Ếch sẽ đi dã ngoại từ sáng sớm để kỷ niệm SINH NHẬT LẦN THỨ 16 của mình. Chi tiết trong thông báo ở Trang chủ.
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
09 Sep 2008 10:43
ARE YOU A BLOGGER? Blogging seems to be very popular with young people. We'll discuss the significance of blogging and its roles in our society.
by: river_sound46river_sound46
05 Sep 2008 01:59
2 by doannhutungdoannhutung
05 Sep 2008 10:47 Jump!
Everyone must at least one time fall in love...Let's spend time this week talking over about such an interesting topic.
by: hoa_vantruonghoa_vantruong
30 Aug 2008 02:50
Debate -- Should we legalize Euthanasia?
by: doannhutungdoannhutung
24 Aug 2008 06:52
Contribute to builing a peaceful & better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of any kind & in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity & fair play.
by: uyenptuyenpt
07 Aug 2008 16:12
7 by doannhutungdoannhutung
12 Aug 2008 17:03 Jump!
I'm sure you know how to use a match... However,how many of you can play with matches ? Is it a childish game ? :)
by: AleafAleaf
01 Aug 2008 04:30
6 by bonghoa18canhbonghoa18canh
09 Aug 2008 15:19 Jump!
Woman came from the 7th rib of Adam but they have brought so much pain to men in reality. Why?
by: uyenptuyenpt
25 Jul 2008 07:53
9 by doannhutungdoannhutung
31 Jul 2008 09:26 Jump!
What we've realized is the absence of street vendors on main streets of Hanoi. Why so? How are they going to live? Can we do something to help them? Let's come and share our opinion.
by: SeriotSeriot
16 Jul 2008 04:37
13 by Anonymous
21 Jul 2008 15:04 Jump!
We'll be discussing a new social phenomenon, in which more and more women choose to stay single.
by: bimbimbimbim
09 Jul 2008 05:45
13 by hoa_vantruonghoa_vantruong
19 Jul 2008 13:43 Jump!
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