Project Full Moon: Dashboard


  • Đây là dashboard của dự án Full Moon (tổ chức 18th bday party cho nhà Ếch).
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Current Status:

Venue & Equipment:

  • Reservation of venue (DNT): confirmed but price is still negotiated
  • Equipment renting inquiry (DNT): resolved

Communication materials:

  • Flyer (Mai): resolved


  • Inspection of venue (Mai & DNT): pending (this Sunday 5/9)
  • Design (Mai): pending
  • Fabrication (Mai): pending
  • Installation (Mai): pending

Video clip:

  • Shooting session #1 : done
  • Editing (bạn Hòa): pending (my friend is busy this Tuesday so he can not come, but he is willing to help us prepare the video clip based on our idea..Ngoc, please tell me if you think it is okie or you can do it yourself)


  • Mocktail testing (Lina): pending
  • Final list (Lina): pending


  • Concept design & buying materials (Ngoc, Lina): pending (expected this Monday)
  • Fabrication (everyone who is free this Tue): pending (at my home)

History (past events)

  • University of Pharmarcy Guitar Club confirmed 3 songs [DNT, September 2]
  • FTU Guitar Club confirmed but no song list [DNT, September 1]
  • Friends English Club confirmed [DNT, Sept 1]
  • Salsa Club Hyec Dancing confirmed : one couple bachata performance [HVT, Sept 5]
  • Venue confirmed but price is still being negotiated [DNT, Sept 4]
  • Equipments confirmed, DJ is going to inspect venue this Sunday [DNT, Sept 4]
  • Final Entrance Ticket design [Mai, Sept 5]
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