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Program for 6 May 2012 -- YOUR PERFECT HONEYMOON

Đăng ngày: 06 May 2012 10:35 | Comments: 1

Program for 6 May 2012



People often say that where you go or what you do on your travel matters less than who you travel with, but if you're travelling with your sweetheart on your honeymoon then you've already found the perfect companion! :-)

Imagine that you're just married (or about to get married), and you're discussing with your partner about where to go on your honeymoon. You start the discussion by listing all the things you expect or would like to have on this trip. And once you've got all the expectations/requirements/wishes down, you can begin to decide on the destinations of your dream trip.

Group Discussion

  1. Share with your group two lists. The first contains all the things you expect that the trip must offer (the must-haves). The second list comprises of the things that you would like to have/to do on the trip but are not deal-breakers (the nice-to-haves).
  2. Questions to ask yourself for the two lists: What are the physical requirements for the destination(s) of your dream trip (tropical beach/moderate highland/modern facilities)? What social or cultural settings do you prefer (third world country/Asian/European/ethnic minority)? What kind of activities do you like to do with your partner on the trip (reading/shopping/exploring/relaxing)?
  3. After understanding the requirements for the dream trip of each person in the group, the rest of the group will try to design the perfect honeymoon for that person. Explain why you choose the destination(s), and share with the person your travel experience for that destination.

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